Zagori is part of the largest national park in Greece and recognized by Unesco geopark. Its main attractions are its stunning fauna and flora, with many endemic plants, the amazing vikos gorge, its arched stone bridges, the cleanest river in Europe called Voidomatis, and the excellent dry stone architecture of its network of 46 villages. Depending on the season, Apeiros Chora can help you book and plan any of the following activities, so please contact us.

• Zodiac Safari along the Epirus region coastal front
• Cultural traveling, arched bridges, villages, churches and monasteries
• Rapel
• Hiking
• Rafting
• Kayaking
• Canyoning
• Flower Safari
• River trekking
• Culinary Safari
• Truffle Hunting
• Mountain Biking
• Mountain e-Biking
• Meteora Sightseeing


… and more!

The “Apeiros Chora” Maison, is a 45-minute drive from the city of Ioannina with its amazing history and museums, as well as just an hour and a half drive from the coasts of Epirus with their breathtaking beaches. Focusing on Maison, we can organize on your behalf several outdoor activities, such as, one-day two hours car trip, to the nearby world-famous spectacle of the monasteries and rocks of Meteora as well as one day cruise with Zodiacs, along the superb coasts of Epirus, with their numerous beaches.

Guided electric bike rides


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